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Highway 169 Projects Map

Full Road Closure
Ramp Work
Visual/Sound Barrier Work
Road Resurfacing
Detour Routes

Individual Projects:

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Nine Mile Creek Bridge Replacement and Closure
16th Street Permanent Ramp Closure
I-394 Project Duration Ramp Closure

Ramp work at:
Betty Crocker Drive
16th Street Northbound
Cedar Lake Road
Minnetonka Boulevard
W 36th Street
Excelsior Boulevard - Southbound

Road Resurfacing
Road Resurfacing: Highway 55 to Highway 7

Detour: Highway 169 Northbound
Detour: Highway 169 Southbound
Detour: Local Traffic at I-394

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This map shows the improvement projects that are occurring on Highway 169 between Highways 55 and 62. You can explore the map to find out more about each project's specific improvements and anticipated construction schedule.

Also available is a full written description for each improvement and a PDF map. Both are available on the project web page.

This map is a pilot program and MnDOT will continue to work on further enhancing this project resource. If you have any questions or feedback about the map you are encouraged to contact Stephanie Waegener by email at or call (651) 234-7508.

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